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How to Access Bloomsbury eBooks
The books are available through IP based Access.
With the help of IP access, one can access them using the eBook database link without any separate credentials.
Use the LINK to log in to our remote access gateway with JGU provided email account and go the list of eBooks resources, you may select Bloomsbury eBook database and you can access the same without any separate credentials.
How to Identify its access?
An Open Key will Indicate access to the book:

  • The book has unlimited user access.
  • One can download the books' chapters in PDF format.

A closed key will be non-accessible to the book: You can write to to recommend it for purchase.

Bloomsbury EBooks
Bloomsbury eBooks have become a crucial resource in the digital world, offering an extensive range of academic and educational content. Bloomsbury Publishing, a well-known publishing house, leapt into the eBook realm to keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape. Starting from traditional print publishing, Bloomsbury was quick to realize the growing need for accessible and convenient digital materials for students and researchers alike. The significance of Bloomsbury eBooks lies in their ability to transform the learning experience. Students now have the opportunity to explore various subjects, from humanities to sciences, effortlessly and efficiently. These eBooks have become essential tools in traditional and online learning environments, underscoring their utmost importance.
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For those that require added services for visuals, they can find the additional tools that the publisher provides for eBook readers:
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Bloomsbury Open Access eBooks
Besides purchased ebooks, the database provides users with over 300+ Open Access content. These books ensure comprehensive coverage across many subjects and disciplines. In case one’s interest lies beyond the legal contents, one can always browse the multidisciplinary collection of Bloomsbury Open Access eBooks. The library fosters interdisciplinary research by encompassing a broad spectrum of subjects, enabling users to delve into multiple fields.
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Library Subscribed Collections
Library has Subscribed to Archive Hart Publishing Collections:
  • Comparative Law, Legal History and Legal Studies
  • Competition Law
  • Constitutional and Administrative Law
  • Contract, Tort and Restitution
  • Corporate and Financial Law
  • Criminal Law and Justice
  • Energy, Environmental & Natural Resources Law
  • European Law
  • Family and Social Law
  • Hart Publishing Practitioner Archive
  • Human rights law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • International Law
  • Labour & Discrimination Law
  • Legal Philosophy
  • Litigation & Civil Procedure
  • Medical Law and Ethics
  • The law of property and trusts
Amongst the collections of Bloomsbury ebooks, Global Library provides access to the Archive collection of Hart Publishing materials consisting of 18 sub-collection titles focused on law, legal philosophy and its studies.
Downloading full book
We would like to clarify that due to DRM protection, the full books cannot be downloaded in a single PDF. One can check on the table of contents and read books online. Incase they want to read offline, they can download the chapters in PDF format and read offline.
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