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Antitrust Chronicle®
Antitrust Chronicle - Healthcare - May 2023
  • Frequency : Bi-monthly
  • Coverage : 2014 onwards
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What is Competition Policy International
Competition Policy International (CPI) is a publication and research organisation dedicated to analysing and promoting competition policy and antitrust law. It provides a platform for exchanging ideas and insights among scholars, practitioners, and policymakers in competition law and economics.
This platform provides news, blogs, and other related information on the following regions and topics :
Africa, Asia, South Asia, Latin America, United States, Cannada, Europe and other countries.

Intellectual Property Law and Cartels.

CPI develops its antitrust content through various media tools. Additionally, this portal offers audio and video content on a variety of topics, including antitrust and competition law.

Audio :  Around 65 audio files are availaible from May, 2018 onwards.

Video : They have included latest CPI Talks and CPI Conferences on antitrust and competition law.
TechREG Chronicle®
It is the brand-new monthly publication from PYMNTS Company Competition Policy International. It offers in-depth analysis and viewpoints from renowned authorities on a variety of subjects that touch on innovation, regulation, and the digital economy. 

You can browse all issue of this magazine from 2021 onwards. Visit the website to explore more

TECHREG Chronicle - June 2023 - Sustainable Technology and the Environment: Regulatory Initiatives cover
What is Competition Law

According to Cambridge Dictionary Online, these are the laws intended to ensure fair competition between businesses, for example, by making rules to control monopolies. 
Macmillan Dictionary also defined Competition Law in his online platform as a field of law regulating competition between companies, especially by preventing anti-competitive practices. In some countries, it is called antitrust law or anti-monopoly law.
What is Antitrust
According to Legal Information Institute, Antitrust refers to regulating the concentration of economic power, particularly regarding monopolies and other anti-competitive practices. These are also known as competition law and include set of legal rules and regulations designed to promote and maintain competition in markets.
This organisation also has a video platform called CPI TV. It features videos about competition policy, antitrust law, and other related topics.

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CPI Journal
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