Elgar Online E-books

How to Access Edward Elgar eBooks
The books are available through IP-based Access
In-Campus Acces
With the help of IP access, one can directly access them using the eBook link without any separate credentials.
Off-Campus Access
Use the LINK to log in to our remote access gateway with JGU provided email account and go the list of eBooks resources, you may select the Elgar eBook database and you can access it without any separate credentials.
How to Identity which books does library have access to?
Besides several Open Access eBooks in the database, the library has carefully chosen a few in their subscription and all combined can be filtered while searching in "All Accessible content" on the left corner. Once you are in the database, it's easy to navigate and find the resources you need. The library's subscription service ensures that you have access to quality content that meets your needs.