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Are you interested to know about the brand ethos of Godrej? We will suggest you go through this Godrej Archives. You may find it more interesting.

Godrej Archives is a repository of records that shed light on the product histories, business leaders, milestones, events, etc from almost 125 years of Godrej history. Most importantly, they preserve the legacy and values cherished by the company, and thus communicate the brand ethos of Godrej.

The collection houses more than 16000 files and over one lakh items.

Manuscripts (1836-2022)
Paper documents which include key correspondence, business letters, writings, speeches, annual reports, advertisements, product catalogues, sales and marketing literature, technical drawings, newspaper clippings, policy circulars, customer appreciation letters, in-house magazines etc. form a part of the extensive Manuscripts collection. Some priceless ones in the collection are the first patent granted to Pirojsha Godrej in the year 1908-09 for springless lock, old advertisements (1914 onwards) of Godrej products in newspapers, old catalogues of products (1910 onwards) etc.

Photographs (1880-2022)
Godrej group contains over 53,000 photographs. These include photographs of Godrej family members and their personal and official functions, inauguration of showrooms, important events held at Vikhroli and other locations across the country, visits of dignitaries, of manufacturing plants, products, etc. Photographs chronicling work and life at Godrej clicked by Mitter Bedi, the famed industrial photographer, in 1970s are one of the most prized collections of the archives.

Audio – video collection (1960-2022)
This contains video cassettes, audio cassettes, CDs, DVDs capturing events, advertisements, corporate films, speeches and television news coverage. The most iconic among these is Godrej’s first corporate film produced in the 1960s – The Godrej Story – directed by B D Garga, one of India’s most well-known documentary filmmakers.

Oral History Collection (2006-2022)
Godrej Archives has recorded more than 300 oral histories so far that document reminiscences of former employees, dealers, vendors, and others who are associated with Godrej for many years. These oral histories shed light on different aspects of history of Godrej, the country, its economy & businesses, etc.

Memorabilia (1893-2022)
Actual objects i.e. products like safes, almirahs, locks, soaps, refrigerator, typewriters etc. mainly of Godrej and some of other brands, belong to this collection. Besides these, awards, gifts, souvenirs received by the Godrej family, employees and different business units (plaques and certificates, prints and framed works, art works, and textile items) also form a part of this collection.

Printed Material (1920-2022)
It contains a wide range of printed literature pertaining to the Godrej Group such as company brochures, product catalogues, editions of in-house magazine earlier titled 'Godrej News' (1995-2000) and now called 'Change' (2001-2021), media coverage, Annual magazines of Udayachal Schools, publications of Pragati Kendra (Welfare Centre) and Upchar Gruha (Dispensary), Staff Club Bulletins, etc.
Consultation of Archives' materials is by appointment only, during normal business hours (Monday to Friday, 10:00 am to 4:30 pm). Bonafide researchers include students pursuing graduation, post-graduation and Ph.D, historians, academicians, Godrejites. Students have to submit the letter from the head of their respective institutions.
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