How to access
​Access to HeinOnline is IP based. Students, scholars and faculties can access the database using the university's Wifi or through our Remotlog portal for Off-campus access.
Need our help?
If you need assistance from the library related to HeinOnline access and understand the features, please write to glus@jgu.edu.in.
What is HeinOnline
With the introduction of dial-up terminals for searching case law in the 1970s, legal research was one of the first areas of scholarship to move into the electronic world. Access to primary source materials on the law has traditionally been much more difficult for scholars outside of law schools, the judicial system, or the legal profession. Today, computerised databases are used to conduct the majority of legal research in law schools, courts, and the legal profession as a whole which makes the lives of legal professionals easier.

HeinOnline is one such online research platform. that has a vast collection of multidisciplinary periodicals, government documents, political science classics, academic journals and world constitutions.

HeinOnline was founded in 2000 by William S. Hein & Co with the goal of combining the authority of print with the convenience of online access. The Law Journal Library, HeinOnline's first online database, marked the platform's foray into the online research community. Since then, the Law Journal Library has expanded to include nearly 40 other disciplines, in addition to law, and has become a resource used by millions.
What can you find in HeinOnline
  • Case Law: Canada Supreme Court Reports, Early American Case Law, English Reports, U.S. Supreme Court Library.
  • International Resources: English Reports, European Centre for Minority Issues, Open Society Justice Initiative, Statutes of the Realm, and more.
  • International Treaties and Agreements: U.S. Treaties and Agreements Library.
  • Journals and Periodicals: American Bar Association Journals, U.S. Journals, Criminal Justice Journals, Law Journal Library, and more.
  • Special Collections: American Association of Law Libraries (AALL), Civil Rights and Social Justice, Criminal Justice & Criminology, International Law Association Reports, LGBTQ+ Rights, Legal Classics, Pentagon Papers, and more.
  • U.K. Content: Selden Society Publications and the History of Early English Law, English Reports
  • U.S. Federal Content: Civil Rights and Social Justice, U.S. Code, U.S. Presidential Library, U.S. Supreme Court Library, and more.
  • U.S. State Content: Civil Rights and Social Justice, LGBTQ+ Rights​
  • Canadian Content: Canada Supreme Court Reports, Revised Statutes of Canada​
Coverage and Features of HeinOnline
HeinOnline provides comprehensive coverage from the inception of more than 3,000 law-related periodicals related to over 1500 subjects such as Gender Studies, Health and Safety, Trade Regulation, Public Law and Policy, Environmental Law, Family Law, Terrorism/Security Issues and much more!

Access over 200 million pages of content composed of fully searchable image-based PDFs which means they appear exactly as they were printed. 

Includes the current constitution for every country in its original language format and an English translation, as well as substantial constitutional histories for all countries. 

HeinOnline contains the complete set of the United States Reports, the official source of U.S. Supreme Court case law. 
Law journal library - HeinOnline's flagship database
The Law Journal Library is HeinOnline's signature collection of more than 3,100 fully searchable journals, each dating back to the first issue ever published. 

Though initially named the "Law" Journal Library for the content it originally contained, this resource has grown from a small collection of law reviews to a multidisciplinary journal database spanning tens of millions of pages. Its coverage is comprehensive and includes works from 60 different countries, as well as 50 states and the District of Columbia. The journals in this database span more than 1,500 research subjects.
How to access Law Journal Library
Select 'All Databases' and then click on 'Law Journal Library'.