How to Access
We have limited user licenses for SPSS Amos. 

Latest Version: SPSS Amos 29

Users can access SPSS Amos on public computer systems in the Central Library and the Global Language Center.
Recommended Readings
Check the books available in the library for Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) using Amos
About SPSS Amos
SPSS Amos is a powerful software tool for structural equation modeling (SEM) and path analysis. It is part of the IBM SPSS Statistics family of software products and is widely used in social sciences, business, and other fields that involve complex data analysis.

Users of SPSS Amos can utilize a graphical interface to design, estimate, and assess structural equation models, making it accessible to both researchers and non-experts in statistical analysis.

SPSS Amos is only available for Windows
Why is it used?
  • Specify, estimate, assess, and present models in an intuitive diagram.
  • Alternatively, use a non-graphical, programmatic method to specify models.
  • Non-programmers can easily specify a model without drawing the path diagram.
  • Increase the reliability of variables by including multiple indicators.
  • Impute missing values and latent scores.
  • Use for longitudinal studies, multiple-group, and reliability analysis.
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Creating a New Model / Importing a Model
After opening Amos, Choose 'File' on the top toolbar and click on 'New'

The wide section on the right is where you draw path diagrams.
The toolbar on the left enables one-click access to the most frequently used buttons.
For most actions, you can use either the toolbar or menu commands.

To import an existing file, Choose 'File' on the top toolbar, then click 'Open' and select the file.