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Are you interested to know about the history and culture of IITM? We will suggest you go through this IITM Heritage Centre. You may find it more interesting.

The IITM Heritage Center serves as a repository for the school's rich history and culture, housing various artefacts like images, records, and publications. It is located in the IITM administrative building and was inaugurated in 2006.

The Heritage Centre collects and exhibits items of heritage value to IIT Madras. Most items in the collections have been digitised. The digitised items are periodically uploaded to this site.
Photographs & Videos
The photographic collection provides glimpses of student activities, visits of eminent persons and important events in the institute calendar. They show you animals and plants of the campus as well as landmarks and buildings. The photographs are search by the categories, by time period or a keyword.

An eclectic collection of objects, each of which has its own story. Many of the exhibits in this collection were contributed by alumni of IIT Madras like: Model of Gajendra Circle (1960s), Replica of Inter-IIT Trophy, Emblem of IIT Madras etc.
Profiles of Chairmen and Directors
Profiles of the Chairmen and Directors from the inauguration of IIT Madras, in 1959, to the present.
Researchers and academics who wish to consult our records can contact us vai email.

The Heritage Centre has what is probably the largest collection of magazines and miscellaneous publications published from IIT Madras. A riffle through the collection tranports one to diferent periods, each with its own writing style.

Heritage Centre, Ground Floor, Administration Building, IIT Madras, Chennai 600036

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