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How to access Kluwer International Tax Law Off-Campus
For off-campus access to Kluwer International Tax Law, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Write to glus@jgu.edu.in for access credentials to Kluwer International Tax Law

Step 2: Go to "https://my.vitallaw.com/#/home/kluwertaxlaw"

Step 3: Log into Kluwer International Tax Law using the library-provided credentials.

Watch the Video Guide to understand the access procedure to Kluwer International Tax Law off campus.
Video Guide - How to Access Kluwer International Tax Law Off Campus
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About Kluwer International Tax Law
Kluwer International Tax Law is a leading research resource for international tax law practitioners. This user-friendly website uses Wolters Kluwer's rich expert material and practical tools to quickly offer clear and accurate answers. It operates as a global information service, providing quick and easy access to the most recent tax planning and compliance information. 

The platform covers a wide range of jurisdictions and provides thorough insights into major topics of international tax law. It provides in-depth treatment of international tax planning subjects, allowing users to analyze and contrast key global tax characteristics across major jurisdictions.

The platform provides users access to a wide range of cross-border international tax law materials, including expert publications on key issues of international tax law. In addition, the platform provides in-depth explanatory information, practical workflow tools, and how-to guides to help users manage and grasp difficult tax concerns.
Key Features
Comprehensive Collection of Expert Publications: Vast collection of specialist articles covering the most significant topics of international tax law.

Practical Tools: Actionable information and insights to help tax professionals make decisions more efficiently.

Books and Journals: A comprehensive collection of specialist publications on international tax law, providing users with the most current and accurate information.

Global Coverage: Comprehensive coverage of essential aspects of international tax law in different jurisdictions worldwide.

Case Studies and Analysis: Provides case studies and analysis on major international tax law issues, such as the Pillar Two mechanism, in light of the blueprint.

Regular Updates: The Kluwer International Tax Blog provides regular updates on the most recent developments in international tax law.
Collection Details
Important Note: Systematic downloads are restricted. You can only download chapter-wise and article-wise.

More than 40 e-books cover key aspects of international tax law, including comparative analysis, corporate taxation, VAT, transfer pricing, hybrid entities, and specific regulations like the GloBE rules.

E-journals: 5 journals and news sources provide updates, reviews, and insights on various aspects of tax law, including European taxation, global tax news, and international tax issues.

Blog posts: The Kluwer International Tax Blog provides current insight, comments, and analysis on international tax law provided by prominent professionals.
Why we recommend Kluwer International Tax Law
Kluwer International Tax Law is recommended because it assists tax professionals in being current and compliant with constantly changing rules. It offers specialist information, analysis, and compliance solutions specifically designed to assist clients worldwide in navigating complicated international rules, complying with legislation, and providing accurate advice.
Video Guide - How to Access Intertax Journal through Kluwer International Tax Law
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