How to access Legitquest on campus
​You can use Legitquest without creating an account.

Step 1: Connect to the JGU WiFi and Click Here.

Step 2: Click on the 'Login' option.

Step 3: From the Legal Research box, select 'Login'.

Step 4: You will get a welcome notification on the screen. Once again, click on 'Login'
Video Guide- How to access Legitquest on campus
Video Guide- How to access Legitquest off- campus
Feedback & Queries
Please write your feedback and queries to glus@jgu.edu.in
What is Legitquest
Legitquest is an Artificial intelligence-powered legal research platform that provides access to legal information and documents from various sources. It helps lawyers and researchers better understand legal trends and patterns by providing legal data analytics and insights. (Source)
Key Features of Legitquest
Why we recommend Legitquest
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Legitquest empowers legal professionals to make data-driven decisions and grow their businesses globally.
  • Time-Saving: According to the company's analysis, Legitquest users save roughly 40% of their time in legal research.
  • Research, Analytics, and Networking: LegitQuest is building a future-proof and scalable LegalTech business by focusing on three critical pieces, i.e., research, analytics, and networking. (Source)
  • Most Comprehensive Research: It has already built the most comprehensive, relevant, and fastest research available to lawyers in India.
Data Coverage
Judgments: Legitquest provides access to over 1.2 million judgments. It includes all judgments passed by the Supreme Court and the High Courts of India since 1950.

Acts: It covers all Central and State Bare Acts with Rules and Regulations.

Treaties, Debates, Bills, Law Commission Reports: Legitquest provides access to Treaties, Debates, Bills, and Law Commission reports.

Legal Data Analytics: It analyses the performance of lawyers and law firms, helps them make data-driven decisions such as the best argument to win a case and best case strategy, and predicts the case outcome. (Source)
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