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What is Livelaw?
Even if social media has grown in popularity in recent years, finding the correct source of information still remains an integral part of gaining the knowledge you need. For individuals who wish to learn and keep themselves updated about the legal world, it is essential to have access to news that provides information based on facts. As lawyers and upcoming law students, it becomes even more essential to keep themselves acquainted with law news every day. (Why a Law Student Needs to Be Updated with the Current News | by Mitsu P | Medium, n.d.)

Amongst the many, one of India's top sources of legal news providers, Livelaw is being subscribed by Global Library and one can access all the required without any credentials required. Livelaw began its journey in 2013 with the intention of being approachable, transparent, and accessible for the average person, and currently holds an editorial team of top lawyers in the country. (Who We Are, n.d.)

With its top stories and seconds of live updates directly from the supreme court and high court cases, livelaw is a bilingual news media provider which provides information in both Hindi लाइव लॉ हिंदी  (Livelaw Hindi) and English in your fingertips.
Features in Livelaw
Top Stories:  The major headlines and events happening at the time
News Update: Updates on all the previous and current news which gets updated frequently.  
Foreign/International: The current news and updates of what's happening in international media.
Columns: The "editorial section", written by one of the finest writers, includes articles by journalists, lawyers, jurists and almost everyone on trending topics or sometimes a relaxed reading of someone’s experience in the career
Interviews: This includes the talks and interviews of well-known personalities.
Publish your papers
Livelaw opens up an opportunity to publish your papers in journals and increase publication by providing you with the latest updates on upcoming conferences and writing chances. 
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Why use Livelaw?
Livelaw provides one of the fastest law reports and judgments of the Supreme court and major High court that can be easily notified by following updates on their website and mobile App. Apart from that, the website is a knowledge hub for legal resources that provides law students and upcoming lawyers with required readings and videos to prepare for their exams and tests. 
Livelaw helps your being updated on the latest law/legal news from India and across the world. As of 2022, livelaw reported over 1,000 judgments from the Delhi High Court and 900+ judgments from the Supreme Court. Each judgment is assigned a unique LiveLaw citation number, which now finds reference in many High Court and Supreme Court judgments (Why LiveLaw Premium Subscription Is A Must For Your Legal Research And Practice, n.d.)
Legal Research and Studies
Know the Law: An absolute gold mine for legal research explaining knotty legal problems including both current and old which is blended with philosophies behind it.

Round Ups: This helps revisit of weekly and monthly and yearly round-ups of important judgments which help you revise.

Law Schools: This provides upcoming law students with an opportunity to learn how to enter into the best law schools in the country.

Law Exams: Consists of Questions and Answers for law exam preparation.

Law firms: Articles and Information on the top firms of the country where students and lawyers can get inspiration from.
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