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Global library has the version of Nvivo13 as of January 2023
About Nvivo
The pursuit of knowledge is directly related to the subject of study, or more specifically, to the reconstruction of the facts that will give rise to an explanation for an observed phenomenon that may initially appear to be a problem. It is common for a man to want to know the truth and quench his curiosity.

Research is the thorough study pertaining to a certain issue or subject using scientific methods. As such, the qualitative research method is a way to understand an individual's social reality.

NVivo is the premier software used for mixed-methods and qualitative research. It is used for analysing unstructured text, audio, video, and image data including interviews, surveys, and journal articles which are non-numerical but based on someone's behaviour, attitude, motive, beliefs etc.
Why Nvivo
Qualitative researchers describe, evaluate and interpret social phenomena. They analyze data from interviews, surveys, field notes, web pages and journal articles and work in sectors from social science and education to healthcare and business. NVivo allows them to organize, analyze and visualize their data, finding the patterns it contains.

Nvivo is one such tool for those who wish to comprehend their experiences or who want to identify the fundamental causes of people's behaviour. This tool is efficient for social science researcher who wants to comprehend their data such as Ethnography, grounded theory, discourse analysis, and interpretive phenomenological analysis.