H2O Open Casebook

How to create account
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  • After creating an account, edit your profile and click "Request Professor Verification"
  • Registration is restricted to email addresses belonging to an educational or government institution
  • If your email address doesn't work and you believe it should, please let us know at info@opencasebook.org
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What is H2O Open Casebook
  • It is a free and open-source platform that allows educators to create, share and remix open-licensed casebooks and other course materials.
  • It is offered by Harvard Law School Library.
  • Law faculties can create their own casebooks and share it with their students
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Who can use this platform
  • Law faculty and students
  • Anybody associated with an educational organization or government entity
Casebooks 364
Legal Documents 6445
Authors 126

Access only to the entire database of U.S. court decisions

All the cases included in the H2O database are integrated with the Caselaw Access Project Database

All the contents in this platform are shared under Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)
Why H2O Open Casebook
  • Prepare your own casebook in your own way
  • Distribute your casebook quickly and reliably
  • Casebook are free accessible 
  • All the materials are creative commons for share and re-use
  • You can add your own text or any  multimedia in your casebook
  • Authors can pull any of those cases from the databses into their casebooks, together with their own texts and links to external sources on the web
  • Along with casebook, they can also create syllabus, reading list or teaching modules
Inroduction to H2O Open Casebook
Making a casebook
  • Anybody can create a casebook by creating an account
  • After logging in, select "Create a New Casebook"
  • If you want to create your own casebook, select "Make a New Casebook"
  • If you want to adapt an existing casebook, select "Search for Casebook to Customize"
Create a casebook
Building a casebook includes adding all your content to this platform. Follow the following procedure:
  • Add title and description 
  • Add sections and subsections that will from the basic structure of the course
  • Add resources (cases, links, and texts)
  • Publish your casebook
Adapt a casebook
Follow the below-given steps:
  • Make sure you are logged in
  • Search the casebook in our database that you want to use
  • When you find your casebook, click "Clone" on the right side of the casebook
  • Entire copy of that casebook will be copied and saved into Dashboard
  • Once you cloned the casebook, you can make changes by adding or deleting resources and re-ordering the casebook
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