Note: Currently, the Global Library has 100 concurrent user licenses authenticated by the domain name for PressReader.

If you are unable to access, wait for some time and try again.
How to access PressReader on campus
Create an account for off- campus access
Important Note: We are able to give everyone 7 days of continuous off-campus access to PressReader following each successful login. This means that you will not be required to return to the PressReader and enter your JGU mail and credentials again during that time, and you will be able to download issues to the PressReader app without interruption. 

However, after your 7 days have timed out, you will need to reconnect!
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What is PressReader
Steps to get started with PressReader
Explore by visiting the "For You" section for your personalized Home Feed, filled with top stories from local publications. Scroll or swipe left to browse unlimited newsfeed content. Click on an article title or the green arrow to read the full story.

Easily locate articles from your favorite newspapers and magazines and explore new publications with the cross-title Search feature. Use Advanced Search at the bottom of your search history list for detailed searches on specific topics. Filter your results by language, date, keyword location, and author for a tailored search experience.
Three PressReader features that help users keep up with news that matters to them
  • Easy searching and browsing, with simple filters and categories
  • Translation support for over 20 languages 
  • Inclusive - Audio alternatives are available.
  • Personalized reading experiences, such as article bookmarking
  • Content is constantly updated, with new issues of magazines being published on a daily basis.
  • One can access the PressReader through different gadgets, including mobile phones.
Video Guides on how to use thePressReader Mobile App
You can download the PressReader App for your devices through this link.

Below are some Video guides that will be helpful for you when using the PressReader App:
How to select, search and read publications on PressReader?
How to edit and delete downloaded publications on PressReader?