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Access over 250 short ​video tutorials demonstrating how to use Stata and solve specific problems are available. The videos for simple linear regression, time series, descriptive statistics, importing Excel data, Bayesian analysis, t-tests, instrumental variables, and tables are always popular.
What is Stata?
Stata is a robust statistical software that enables users to analyse, manage, and produce graphical visualisations of data. It is primarily used to study data trends by researchers in economics, health, and political science. The software is easier to use because it offers a command line and a graphical user interface.
JGU Global Library has an unlimited license for STATA 17 version for both Windows and Mac OS.
System Requirement for Installation

Windows versions supported by Stata 17:
  • Windows 11 *
  • Windows 10 *
  • Windows 8.1 *
  • Windows Server 2016, 2012R2 *, 2019 *, 2022 *
* Stata requires 64-bit Windows for x86-64 processors made by Intel® or AMD (Core     i3 equivalent or better).

Mac versions supported by Stata 17:
  • Mac with Apple Silicon or Intel processor (Core i3 or better)
  • macOS 11.0 (Big Sur) or newer for Macs with Apple Silicon and macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or newer for Macs with 64-bit Intel processors
Quick Guide-Tour of the Stata 17 interface
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Guide created by

Arjun K. Dinesh

Abid Fakhre Alam

How to install Stata 17 on your computer

The installation process of Stata 17 for Windows and Mac is the same.
Step 1:  Connect with Global Library Team for STATA 17 setup file(exe. file) for Windows or Mac OS. (email id: /
Step 2: Download the file and double-click the file to run the installation.

Step 3: Press yes to allow the STATA installation process and the extraction process will start.

Step 4: Click  'next'

Step 5: Accept the terms and conditions and click on “Next” as shown in the below box. 

Step 6: Enter your name and Institution name in the given fields. Select 'anyone who uses this computer'. Click 'next'

Step 7: Select 'StataSE' option and click “next”