Taylor and Francis Online

How to Access
The database is accessible from anywhere, whether you are on campus or remote.
In-Campus Access
To access it on campus, go to the Global Library website and click on Taylor and Francis. Remember to connect to the campus Wi-Fi.
Off-Campus Access
If you are accessing off-campus, go to the Remotlog portal and log in using your JGU email.
Global Library has access to the selective contents of Taylor & Francis. The table given below provides you a brief details of the subjects and articles that are fully accessible to the JGU. Apart from the mentioned subjects, we also have access to selective contents in the field of Engineering & Technology.
Subjects No. of Articles ( till July 2023 )
Area Studies 109,134
Arts 47,715
Behavioral Sciences 164,891
Bioscience 254,187
Built Environment 51,016
Communication Studies 40,061
Computer Science 56,835
Earth Sciences 104,391
Economics, Finance, Business & Industry 164,841
Education 193,180
Environment and Sustainability 136,895
Geography 100,630
Global Development 53,473
Health and Social Care 102,503
Humanities 215,480
Information Science 20,218
Language & Literature 67,773
Law 31,335
Mathematics & Statistics 131,829
Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing & Allied Health 250,003
Museum and Heritage Studies 6,556
Physical Sciences 241,501
Politics & International Relations 181,924
Social Sciences 178,777
Urban Studies 33,259
Taylor and Francis Online Journals and Articles
Taylor & Francis e-journals are a valuable resource for researchers and students who need access to high-quality, peer-reviewed journal articles. Global Library has a subscription to over 1000 journals of Taylor & Francis that cater to the need of our JGU family.

Trending Research

You can find the trending research articles on the Taylor & Francis e-journal homepage. 

How to search
Access to Taylor & Francis is IP based. Hence, separate login credentials are not required. 

On the home page, you will find the basic search option to search for journals and articles using keywords. Author name. title, DOI, etc.
You can also use the advanced search feature to do a combination search.

Identifying the articles that we have access
The article with an open padlock (ꗃ) icon means that the article is open access. It can be accessed from anywhere by anyone without any subscription or payment.

The article with a Check mark (✓) in the green background means library has subscribed to that particular journal and has full access to the content.

Search Filters
You can refine your searches using the filter options.

You can choose the content access type, article type, subject, journal of interest, publication date, and language in which certain articles are published.