How to Access ?
You can use Indiastat from anywhere, whether you are on campus or remote.

To access it on campus, go to the Global Library website and click on Indiastat. After that, click "Through IP Login". Remember to connect to the campus Wi-Fi.

If you're in remote, go to the Remotlog portal and log in using your JGU email. 

Watch these short videos to learn how to do it.
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About Indiastat is an endeavour of Datanet India, which provides comprehensive storehouse of socioeconomic statistical data about India and its sectors, regions and states.
         This database provides Secondary level of Statistical Information on Socio-Economic sectors of India and its states. All the data at Indiastat have been qualitatively analysed, condensed and presented in a user-friendly format.
  • Data has been classified into 31 categories and further sub-divided into their various sub-categories.
  • Information was being gathered from recognized government departments.
  • Consist of 56 associate websites, which includes 31 state-specific websites, 19 sector-specific websites and 6 regionspecific websites
  • You can download data in MS-Word, MS-Excel and HTML format
  •  It also includes time-series data, which enables users to track the changes and trends in various sectors over a period of time
  • Regularly updated with the latest available data, ensuring that users have access to the most recent information.
Why we need Socio-Economic Data
Policymakers, researchers, businesses, and other organizations need socioeconomic data to provide information and insights into a population or group's social and economic conditions.
If you're doing a high-quality socioeconomic study based on reliable facts and numbers, this database might be beneficial
This type of data can be used to analyze and understand patterns and trends in areas such as income, education, employment, health, housing, and other important aspects of a society.
What is Secondary level of Statistical Information
It refers to data that has already been collected and compiled by government agencies, research institutions, or other organizations. This data provides information about various social and economic factors, such as population demographics, income distribution, employment rates, education levels, and other indicators that describe the well-being of society.
Training and Orientation
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Note: Following databases of Indiastat are not subscribed by our library
  • Indiastat districts
  • Indiastat elections
  • Indiastat publications
  • Indiastat media
  • Indiastat pro
  • Inidastat facts

Main 31 Categories