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Installing Mendeley Reference Manager for Desktop
Installing Mendeley Web Importer
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About Mendeley
Mendeley is a free reference manager and academic social network that facilitates organizing your research, collaborating with others online, and discovering the latest research. This guide will walk you through Mendeley's essential features and functionalities, helping you efficiently manage your references and enhance your research workflow. Mendeley allows you to manage and share research papers and generates bibliographies for scholarly articles in a standardized format. 

The free version of Mendeley comes with certain limitations on storage space (2 GB for web storage, 500 MB each for personal shared storage) and users (up to 25 for private, invite-only groups). However, you can upgrade to premium plans for additional web and personal storage space, more users, and access to shared groups. (Source)
Features of Mendeley
Reference Management: Mendeley helps you organize references with folders and tags, making it easy to search and sort your library.

Document Management: Annotate PDFs with highlights and notes, and let Mendeley automatically rename and organize files based on metadata.

Citation and Bibliography Creation: Use Mendeley’s plugins for Word and LibreOffice to insert citations and generate bibliographies in various styles, or create custom ones.

Collaboration and Sharing: Create private and public groups to share references and collaborate on projects, including sharing documents and annotations.

Research Discovery: Discover new articles with personalized recommendations and follow researchers to stay updated on their latest publications.

Syncing and Accessibility: Sync your library across devices for online and offline access, ensuring you can work from anywhere.

Social Networking: Build an academic profile, showcase your publications, and connect with other researchers to expand your professional network.

Data Management: Import and export references to and from other managers, and ensure your library is secure with regular cloud backups.

Integration with Other Tools: Use the Web Importer to save references from online sources and integrate Mendeley with other research tools for a seamless workflow. (Source)
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Why we recommend Mendeley
Mendeley is highly recommended for its comprehensive tools that enhance research efficiency. It offers systematic reference organization and seamless citation management with plugins for Word and LibreOffice and facilitates collaboration through private and public groups. Personalized article recommendations and cross-device syncing keep users updated and flexible. Additionally, Mendeley supports academic networking, ensures data security with regular cloud backups, and integrates smoothly with other research tools. Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to all researchers and an invaluable asset for managing and sharing research.
Requirements for installing Mendeley
Operating system Windows, Mac and Linux
Web Browser Chorme, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari
Text Processor LibreOffice 5, Word 2016, Word 2019 and Office 365
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