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What is Project Muse
By evaluating the validity, importance, and originality of the study, Peer review papers are one of the most valuable processes for scholarly articles which acts as a filter to ensure that only high-quality research is published, especially in prominent publications.

Project Muse, an academic journal and E-books aggregator is a leading provider of digital humanities and social science which contains content including the arts, literature, history, education, political science, philosophy, religion, technology, and ethnic and gender studies. Project MUSE is an integrated search and discovery database with no content embargos. from over 250 university presses and scholarly which helps researchers around the world with filtered and quality work papers.

Since 1995, academic, public, special, and school libraries all over the world have used the MUSE journal collections to meet a variety of research needs. With more than 120 publishers presently participating, MUSE is the go-to source for full-text scholarly journals from many of the top university presses and scholarly organisations in the world. Launched in January 2012, the UPCC Book Collections on Project MUSE provide top-notch book-length scholarship that is seamlessly integrated with the scientific journal material of MUSE.
Why use Project Muse?
Peer-reviewed articles and scholarly books play a vital role in the scholarly world and the role of reviewers is crucial in scientific publishing. Peer review serves as a means of academic work validation, aids in raising the calibre of published research, and broadens networking opportunities within research communities. Peer review has endured successfully with only a few minor alterations for around 350 years despite being criticised and is still a widely acknowledged approach for research evaluation.

Peer review seeks to raise the quality of papers that are deemed worth publishing. Global library has taken a subscription to Project Muse which holds insightful academic journals and books for its researchers who want quality contents for their readings.
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