World Trade Law

What is
The database includes highly resourceful primary and secondary information required for researching on international trade law issues. It is a well-organized and easy-to-access primary source documents related to international trade law that Includes trade news and resources as well as the DSC (dispute settlement commentary) service which provides summary and analysis of all WTO reports and arbitrations and also provide a summary and critical analysis of all new WTO Panel and Appellate Body reports within 1-3 weeks after they are circulated to the WTO Members. It also contains a current keyword index; a database of dispute settlement tables and statistics; and a user-friendly search tool for WTO cases, legal texts, and other documents.
Trade News:

The database tracks down all trade related articles, reports and other documents which are freely available on the web, from sources such as news organizations, government agencies, courts, think tanks, NGOs, blogs and scholarly journals.
WTO Legal Texts and Cases
  • All the recent agreements, understandings, decisions and declarations and negotiations that happen between organizations.
  • Dispute settlements, Agreements, Settlements and others
  • It also includes Reports, Awards, decisions and Arbitrations
Dispute Settlement Commentary

The key feature which includes majorly in the subscribed contents, the DSC includes;
  • Appellate Body Reports
  • WTO panel reports
  • Article for 21.3, 22.6 and 25 Awards
  • DSC for Arbitration 
  • NAFTA Chapter 20 Panel
Apart from that, DSC includes Case law index, Ongoing WTO disputes, Blogs, Statistics, etc.
Why use
In order to minimise the web searching of unwanted content on international law materials, the global library has taken into account of finding a database that focuses on specific subject areas of research to make research much easier and more effective.

While most of the contents in the database are freely available, the DSC subscribed resources are rich and extremely resourceful for many in the field of Internation law.
Importance of learning International law