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About Economic Outlook
CMIE's Economic Outlook provides a comprehensive view of the Indian economy. It interprets new data releases, provides insights, and explains the reasons behind changes. This outlook forecasts important indicators such as growth, inflation, fiscal balance, balance of payments, and corporate earnings.

The heart of the Economic Outlook service is its vast database. It contains over 800,000 time series, with more than 30 million observations. This extensive database makes it the largest source of information on the Indian economy. The best part is that it's constantly updated in real time.

The Economic Outlook service is organized into different databases, each focusing on specific indicators. Macro-economic databases cover national accounts, inflation, and public finance. Sectoral databases deal with areas like foreign finance and agriculture. Additionally, Business Indicator and social indicator databases provide information on the corporate sector, population, and demography.
Key Features
Extensive Database: The core strength of Economic Outlook lies in its vast database. It offers access to over half a million indicators presented in intelligently laid-out tabulations.

Diverse Time Series: The service provides time series data for multiple frequencies and in various derivations. There are over 3 million time series available, giving a comprehensive view of economic trends.

Graphing Tool: Economic Outlook supports tabulations with a graphing tool. This allows users to visualize the data and gain deeper insights into economic patterns.

Data Export: Users can easily download the data into spreadsheets or as txt files, making it convenient for further analysis or integration into other tools.

Original Source Documents: Scanned images of the original source documents used to build the time series are provided, ensuring transparency and credibility in the data.

Data Calendar and Alerts: Economic Outlook includes a calendar of expected data releases, helping users stay updated on upcoming economic events. It also offers an alert system to notify users about significant changes or updates.

Excel Add-in: For users who prefer working with Excel, Economic Outlook provides an Excel add-in, streamlining the process of accessing and analyzing data.
Economic Outlook provides a calendar of expected data releases, an alerts system, a useful indicator search and download facility, an Excel add-in, and a daily newsletter.
Dashboard helps to monitor the latest trend in the market and economy with the help of charts and tabulation.

Weekly, monthly, and quarterly analyses are posted regularly which gives a glimpse of the Indian Economy.

News articles from various leading newspapers can be accessed through the 'Tiding' option.

Time series of over half a million indicators are offered for numerous frequencies and in a variety of derivations. A graphing tool is available to help with tabulations. The data can be downloaded easily into spreadsheets or as text files.

CMIE forcast various economic indicators 5 years and 8 quarters ahead.

Economic Outlook provides scanned images of the original source documents used in building the time-series.