Max Planck Encyclopedia of international Law

Focussed entirely on International law, Oxford Public International Law (OPIL) is a comprehensive single-resource portal providing Integrated access to all the international law resources, making it easier for researchers in speeding up their research work and get access to authoritative content. An essential for someone working in international law, Global library has taken subscriptions for the following:
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Max Planck Encyclopedia of international Law
International law is a collection of guidelines that regulates how nations, organisations, and people interact at the international level with one another. Its principal goals are to safeguard the interests of people and communities around the world and encourage peaceful coexistence between nations. The Max Planck Encylopedia of Public International Law (MPEPIL) holds comprehensive, analytical resources with peer-reviewed articles on every aspect of international law. Started in 2008 by Oxford University Press, MPEPIL consist of valid pieces of information that have become a widely read and quoted reference work of International law today.
Importance of the database
This massive online reference collection contains over 1,700 peer-reviewed articles on every aspect of international law material. This comprehensive resource, written by an incomparable team of over 900 scholars and practitioners led by Professor Anne Peters, is essential for anyone researching or teaching international law. MPEPIL articles include a combination law journal approach with characteristics of a reference work. Authors are asked to present their subject in-depth and, to the best of their ability, objectively, while also including a personal evaluation. The publication serves as a modern restatement of international law and is intended to help both practitioners and academics.
  • Provides search and browse the vast collection of articles on every aspect of international law.
  • It provides cutting-edge research on both the substance and procedure of international law.
  • Includes extensive information on international law issues, procedures, instruments, institutions, and decisions.
  • Personalization options that help to speed up the research process and save frequently-used articles for future sessions.
  • The Oxford Law Citator provides extensive linking to primary documents and other commentary.
Check out the encyclopedia in the reference library
Check out the encyclopedia in the reference library
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