Oxford Scholarly Authorities on International Law

Focussed entirely on International law, Oxford Public International Law (OPIL) is a comprehensive single-resource portal providing Integrated access to all the international law resources, making it easier for researchers in speeding up their research work and get access to authoritative content. An essential for someone working in international law, Global library has taken subscriptions for the following:
How to Use Oxford Scholarly Authorities on International Law
What is Oxford Scholarly Authorities on International Law
With the increasing amount of information available on International law materials, OUP has made it efficiently easier for its users by providing full-text readings on market-leading reference works and treatises published by Oxford University Press. 

An expanding collection of Ebooks which are focused on the field of international law, they contain topics related to Oppenheim International Law and Oxford Commentaries on International Law.
Coverage of the database
Authoritative treatises that continue to define their area of law
Black-letter reference works and commentaries, which help in answering practical questions about the law.
Classic works on international law which is consistently important.
Flagship publications, which provide innovative perspectives on current legal problems
There are more than 190 full-text ebooks whose titles are fully searchable and browsable by subject matter, title and author, and are linked, via the Oxford Law Citator, to relevant case reports and articles within all of Oxford University Press's online law products making it easier for international law researcher.

Unlike many databases which contain all the disciplinary areas in a single area, this database solely focuses on International law topics where researchers searching for international law content can find all in one place. With the use law citator, referencing is also extremely easy.
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