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Focussed entirely on International law, Oxford Public International Law (OPIL) is a comprehensive single-resource portal providing Integrated access to all the international law resources, making it easier for researchers in speeding up their research work and get access to authoritative content. An essential for someone working in international law, Global library has taken subscriptions for the following:
​Oxford International Organizations (OXIO)
Oxford International Organizations (OXIO) is a database of thoroughly annotated documents on the primary sources of law and practice of international organisations. OXIO includes resolutions of international organisations, reports of legal advisers, judicial decisions, international agreements, and any act of legal significance.

It focuses on international organizations solely for the researchers who need full-text knowledge of a particular organization.

OXIO provides practitioners, scholars, and students with instant access to classic as well as less familiar, but equally important, materials on international organisation law. The database, with its expert analysis, enables researchers to search and browse across the full range of organisations, enabling comparative research across a wide range of organisations and drilling down into specific subjects with sophisticated browsing functionality. OXIO, which is powered by the Oxford Law Citator, greatly enhances research by allowing users to follow citations and other links between content.

To database includes a comprehensive overview of the legal frameworks, procedures, and impact of a widening spectrum of organisations which is constantly being updated by their OXIO Team
Organizations Covered
There are very few databases that make a compilation of international law papers that covers all organisations and disciplines. 
  • American Organization
  • African Organization
  • Asian Organization
  • European Organization
  • Middle Eastern and Pacific Organization Including Others
A database of texts with annotations about the law of international organisations is an important source for a researcher working on International law materials. The database is the first of its kind and a special and significant repository for international organisations' acts and practices that are crucial to inquiries into international law.

OXIO is constantly updated and encompasses several organisational resolutions, decisions, draught normative texts created within organisational frameworks, and organisational constituent instruments. In cases where a treaty to which an organisation is a party sheds light on institutional law issues, it also includes judicial decisions pertinent to organisational institutional law.
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