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Lexis Advance

It covers the legal materials of the following countries:
 Asia       India, Hong Kong, Malaysia and     Singapore
 Europe  United Kingdom
 Pacific  Australia and New Zealand
 North   America  Canada and United Sates of Amercia

Shepard Citation
Shepard's Citations is a citator that provides a comprehensive list of all the sources incluidng cases, statutes, secondary sources and recent cases referencing a specific court decision, law, or other body of evidence. In this platform, you can use this facility.
How to Use
The easiest way to Shepardize® a document if you know its citation is to simply enter “shep:” followed by the citation, and click on the search button as shown. The Shepard’s® report will display
For Ex : Shep: 800 F.2d 111

Note : This feature can only be be used for United States Legal Judgements
What is Lexis Advance®
It is an online legal research platform that provides access to primary and secondary legal content at local and international levels from authentic cases and legislation sources. These are constantly revised by trusted legal experts.
Coverage (India)
All the contents of Indian jurisdictions are arranged into three main contents:

Cases: It includes judgements and orders of Supreme Courts, High Courts and Tribunals and judgements of Privy Council
  • Supreme Court Judgements from 1950 onwards
  • Supreme Court Orders from 1959 onwards
  • Judgements and Orders of 23 High Courts
  • Privy Council Judgements from 1917 to 1949
Legislation: It includes state acts and universal bare acts.
  • 16 State Acts
  • Universal Bare Acts from 1968 to 2021
  • Universal Bare Acts (Subsidiary Legislation ) from 1968 to 2022
Analytical Materials: It includes some online books published by Lexis Nexis and journal articles.  
On-campus Access
On-campus access
If you are inside the campus, you can directly access it. There is no need to log in. Please click the link given below for accessing Lexis Advance
Off-Campus Access
Off-Campus Access
If you are not inside in the campus, log in with Remotelog. Click here and log in with your JGU outlook email id.