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What is Turnitin?
Is Turnitin a plagiarism detection tool?
Use cases - instructors, examiners, and administrators
The report The use of Turnitin at the University of Oxford: A guide for tutors, examiners and administrators (Education Committee, University of Oxford, 2019-2020) says Turnitin can be used in two modes:

"Formative, which focuses on a tutor or supervisor working with a student to encourage and develop acceptable academic writing and citation skills; or

Summative, which checks a piece of examined work to measure the extent of text matching between the student’s work and other electronic sources. Students do not receive a copy of these Similarity Reports."

You may see the report for more information.
Introduction by Turnitin
Faculty/Instructor - How to access Turnitin
Students - How to use Turnitin
Research scholars
Write to for account creation and training.
Instructor - Account creation
Assignment creation
Instructor - Master class
Instructor - Standard class
False positive/negative
False positive - high similarity score not because of plagiarism:
  • Turnitin may show high similarity to a paper, if draft or other versions of the same paper is already stored in the repositories of Turnitin.
  • When one checks similarity of a paper using different accounts, Turnitin may show high similarity.
False negative - low similarity score, but actually plagiarized
  • There is a possibility that one could have copied from a source which is not indexed by Turnitin.
  • One could have copied from sources which are available only in print.
Originality report

Originality report shows each of the matches in more detail, including the source(s) that Turnitin has found. 
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Originality Check - Demo
Similarity score
The similarity score is percentage of a paper's content that matches to contents of papers in Turnitin's databases; it is not plagiarism assessment. (Source)

Turnitin: A staff guide to viewing the Similarity Report - Blackboard Help  for Staff - University of Reading

Filters: One may include or exclude the bibliography, quotations, and/or irrelevant matches while conducting similarity check.