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ACE Analyser
Publisher: ACE Analyser
ACE Analyser offers a variety of data and analytical features, including balance sheets, income statements, and ratio analysis, to help users understand and compare the financial health of different businesses.
Publisher: All India Reporter
AirOnline is an effective database to search for relevant case laws, case comments, latest judgements of the Supreme Court and High Courts. The data coverage is from 1914 onwards.

Publisher: IBM
AMOS (Analysis of Moment Structures) is a statistical software package used for structural equation modelling (SEM). It is a component of the IBM SPSS Statistics suite and is primarily used for modelling complex relationships among variables. AMOS is widely used in social sciences, business, and other fields where complex relationships among variables need to be modelled and analyzed.
Publisher: ATLAS. ti Scientific Software Development GmbH. ATLAS.
ATLAS.ti is a powerful software program designed to assist researchers in the analysis of qualitative data. ATLAS.ti supports a wide range of data formats and provides a flexible platform for exploring complex relationships and patterns within data. The software is widely used in social sciences, education, market research, and other fields where quantitative data is required.
Biblio: A Review of Books
Publisher: Asia-Pacific Communication Associates, New Delhi
Biblio: A Review of Books, founded in 1995, is India's foremost book review magazine. Available in print and electronic form. It helps in identifying quality writings and impactful books reviewed by a team of experienced reviewers, including academics, writers, and journalists. The publication aims to provide thoughtful, in-depth reviews that help readers make informed decisions about what to read next.
Bloomsbury Ebooks
Publisher: Bloomsbury
It provides full-text ebooks on the subjects like humanities and social sciences. It contains featuring content from Bloomsbury’s latest research publications which is focussing on different branches of law. 
Bluebook Online
Publisher: Harvard Law Review
Bluebook Online is the online version of the primary citation manual for legal documents and publications. Bluebook offers citation styles for federal and state court decisions, statutes, books, journals, and other secondary sources.
Cambridge Ebooks
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
This platform provides a wide range of research monographs, academic references, textbooks and large numbers of books in an electronic format aimed at graduate students. It publishes more than 30,000 ebooks for the global market, with 1,500 new titles added on average each year
Publisher: Delhi Press
It is a well-known Indian magazine that focuses on politics, culture, and art. provides in-depth coverage of Indian politics, society, and culture, as well as international affairs, and it is known for its long-form journalism, essays, and narratives. The magazine has won several awards for its reporting and writing, including the Ramnath Goenka Award for Excellence in Journalism.
Case Centre
Publisher: The Case Centre
World’s largest repository of case studies used in teaching Management subjects and allied disciplines. Its stated aim is to promote the case method by sharing knowledge, skills, and expertise in this area among teachers and students.
CMIE Consumer Pyramids DX
Publisher: CMIE
CMIE's Consumer Pyramids DX is a market research tool that provides detailed data on the demographics and consumer behaviour of households in India. It includes information on income, expenditure, savings, credit, housing, and other characteristics of consumers.
CMIE Economic Outlook
Publisher: CMIE
CMIE's Economic Outlook  includes data on a variety of economic indicators, such as GDP, inflation, employment, and trade, and offers insights on the likely direction of the Indian economy in the coming months and years.
CMIE Prowess Dx
Publisher: CMIE
Prowess is a database of the financial performance of companies. Annual Reports of companies, stock exchanges and regulators are the principal sources of the data. Prowessdx facilitates easy downloading of the data in simple text format.
CMIE Prowess IQ
Publisher: CMIE
CMIE Prowess IQ is a database of Indian companies that provides financial and market data, including balance sheets, income statements, and information on products and customers. It also offers tools for analyzing and comparing the performance of different companies.
Competition Policy International
Publisher: Competition Policy International
Competition Policy International (CPI) delivers timely commentary and analysis on antitrust and global competition policy matters through a variety of media and applications.CPI releases daily, weekly, and monthly antitrust-focused publications.
Corporate Law Advisor Online
Publisher: Corporate Law Advisor
Corporate Law Adviser Online (CLA Online) provides access to judgements, legislations, articles, notifications and circulars and other contents related to Corporate/SEBI and Business Law of India since 1950.
Critical Collective
Publisher: Critical Collective
It is a digital forum and aggregation of resources explicitly focusing on the arts of India and South Asia. It has collaborated closely with institutions in India and abroad to create exhibitions and seminars on art. Critical Collective is based on the need for concerted editing and preservation of writing on the visual arts in India.
De Gruyter Ebooks
Publisher: De Gruyter
It is a multilingual platform that offers a wide range of collections of Ebooks and also includes Open Access Books. The books can be simply downloaded as a PDF document and also read as an EPUB document.
Publisher: Diplomat Media Inc.
It is an online magazine that covers international news and analysis, with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region. The magazine covers a wide range of topics, including politics, economics, security, and culture, and it provides in-depth analysis and commentary on events and trends in the Asia-Pacific region.
EBSCO Academic Collection
Publisher: EBSCO Information Services
Database which includes Primary and secondary sources of information such as full-text articles from Journals, Magazines and Ebooks.
Economic and Political Weekly
Publisher: Sameeksha Trust
The Economic and Political Weekly publishes research papers, review articles, and commentary on a wide range of topics, including economics, politics, sociology, and public policy, with a focus on the Indian context.
Publisher: The Economist Group
It is an online newspaper that contains excellent coverage of current affairs, international business, politics, and current technology events worldwide. It also provides overviews of cultural trends and regular industry, business, and country special reports. 
Elgar Online e-books
Publisher: Elgar Online
It is a platform including scholarly research monographs, research handbooks, companions, dictionaries, encyclopedias and journals which provides a preview of the table of contents and allows to download of the text chapter by chapter for all titles as a PDF document.
Encyclopaedia Britannica
Publisher: Encyclopaedia Britannica
Consist of more than 120,000 articles, the Merriam-Webster dictionary database, biographies, Ebooks & primary resources, magazines, quotations & media collection and research tools including compare countries, world atlas, world data analyst etc.
EPWRF India Time Series
Publisher: Sameeksha Trust
The EPWRF Indian Time Series provides time-series data on a range of indicators, including GDP, inflation, monetary aggregates, balance of payments, and fiscal variables, as well as data on sectors such as agriculture, industry, and services.
Publisher: Institute of Education Sciences, USA
An online digital library of education research and information. ERIC is sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences of the United States Department of Education.
Foreign Affairs
Publisher: Council on Foreign Relations
It is an American magazine on international relations and U.S. foreign policy published by the Council on Foreign Relations. It provides an international forum of choice for the most important and novel ideas, analysis, and debate about the most significant issues in the world.
Foreign Policy
Publisher: Council on Foreign Relations
It is an online magazine that covers global affairs and foreign policy issues. It covers a wide range of topics, including politics, economics, security, human rights, and culture with in-depth reporting, insightful analysis, and diverse perspectives.
Global Arbitration Review (GAR)
Publisher: Law Business Research Limited
GAR provides the latest developments in international commercial arbitration, as well as investor-state arbitration.  GAR also publishes topical practice guides, annual reviews of developments in arbitration by geographic region, and annual surveys.
Google Scholar
Publisher: Google LLC.
 freely accessible web search engine that indexes the full text or metadata of scholarly literature across an array of publishing formats and disciplines
Harvard Business School Cases
Publisher: Harvard Business Publishing
Case studies written by professors at HBS and other leading business programs worldwide, focus on real-world problems and decisions companies face.
Publisher: William S. Hein & Co
It is an online research platform that has a vast collection of multidisciplinary periodicals, government documents, political science classics, academic journals and world constitutions.
Iconic Houses
Publisher: Iconic Houses
International non-profit platform that connects architecturally significant houses and artists’ homes and studios from the 20th century that are open to the public as a house museum.
IMF E-Library
Publisher: International Monetary Fund
This platform simplifies analysis and research with direct access to the (International Monetary Fund) IMF’s periodicals, books, working papers and studies, and data and statistical tools. You can browse information and perspective on macroeconomics, globalization, development, trade and aid, technical assistance, demographics, emerging markets, policy advice, poverty reduction, and so much more.
India Data Portal
Publisher: National Informatics Centre (NIC) Govt. of India
India Data Portal is an online platform that provides access to a wide range of datasets related to India. The portal offers a single point of access to data sets from various government agencies, including data on agriculture, health, education, finance, environment, industry, and many more. The Portal also offers tools for data visualization and analysis which makes it easy for research.
Publisher: Datanet India Private Limited
Comprehensive e-resource of socio-economic statistical information of India.
Publisher: Informatics India Limited
It is an aggregator of global journal literature that are published online. Along with a link to the publisher's site for the full-text article, it also indexes open access journals.
Jindal Global Law Review
Publisher: Springer
Jindal Global Law Review is the flagship journal of the Jindal Global Law School. It is a SCOPUS-indexed journal published twice a year.
Publisher: ITHAKA
JSTOR provides academic journals' back issues in a digital form containing most important scholarly publications. Since JSTOR is majorly based on the archival collection, it contains mostly primary resources. Encompasses of;
  • E-Journals
  • E-Books
  • Images

Publisher: The Juggernaut
It is a premium publication and community that publishes well-reported stories about South Asia and South Asians. Currently, it have published over 200 features, covering everything from politics to culture to tech.
Kluwer Arbitration
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer
  • It is a premium online platform for research on international arbitration and offers a wealth of arbitration content from 213 countries.
  • It includes Ebooks, Ejournals, Commentary and Court decisions. 

Publisher: LegitQuest
Legitquest is an online legal research platform with Indian case laws. It offers user-friendly product features with AI-enabled research on rulings Supreme Court of India, High courts, tribunals,etc.
Publisher: Cambia
The Lens is a citation database of diverse open knowledge sets.
Lexis Advance
Publisher: LexisNexis
Lexis Advance offers news, business, public records, and legal information from more than 60,000 sources. It consists of reliable sources to access the most recent, historical, local and worldwide legal content both primary and secondary.
Live Law
Publisher: LiveLaw Media Pvt. Ltd.
It is an online platform that acts as a knowledge hub for legal resources and provides law reports, judgements of Supreme Courts and High Courts and other reading materials required for exams.
London Review of Books
Publisher: London Review of Books
London Review of Books is Europe’s leading magazine of culture and ideas. It provides a space for some of the world’s best writers to explore a wide variety of subjects in exhilarating detail – from art and politics to science and technology via history and philosophy, not to mention fiction and poetry.
Making of Modern Law
Publisher: GALE
It is a comprehensive collection of historic legal treatises from the United States and Europe, covering a range of legal topics and historical periods.
Publisher: Manupatra
It is an Indian online legal research platform that covers both primary and secondary materials of different courts and tribunals at a national and international level along with analytics and visualization platforms.
Publisher: MathWorks
MATLAB is a programming and numerical computing platform used for data analysis, algorithm development, and model creation.
Max Planck Encyclopedia of international Law
Publisher: Oxford Academics
Holds comprehensive, analytical resources with peer-reviewed articles on every aspect of international law.
McGraw Hill Express Library
Publisher: McGraw Hill
It is a platform for personalised ebooks on on business, management, accounting and other such types of books mainly related to our Business School.
Publisher: MediaNama
It is an online publication that provides information and analysis on Technology Policy in India. It covers technology policy and business developments that are shaping India’s fast-growing digital ecosystem, providing news, opinion, data and analysis.
Publisher: Elsevier
Freely available reference management system that helps to manage and share research papers and along with that it also generates bibliographies for scholarly articles in a standard manner.
New York Review of Books
Publisher: The New York Review
It is a biweekly literary and cultural magazine published in New York City with various features like essays, reviews, and commentary by prominent writers, scholars, and thinkers from a variety of fields.
New York Times
Publisher: The New York Times
A daily newspaper offering in-depth, analytical analysis of current events and is well-known for its excellent reporting, editorial excellence, and dedication to journalistic ethics.
Nexis Uni
Publisher: Lexis Nexis
It is a newspaper aggregator platform which provides over 10,000 news, legal and business sources available with an advanced search option through which you can search with the keywords across 17000 sources including top newspapers like The Hindu, Times of India, Economic Times, Business Line, etc.
Nikkei Asia
Publisher: Nikkei Inc.
It is a media organization that provides news and analysis on politics, economics, business, and technology in the Asia-Pacific region. It covers news from across the Asia-Pacific region, including China, Japan, India, Southeast Asia, and more. Its coverage includes topics such as trade, finance, technology, healthcare, and energy, among others.
Nvivo 12 Plus
Publisher: Lumivero
NVivo 12 Plus is a software used to organise, analyse, and visualise data ranging from Word documents and PDFs to videos, podcasts, photos, and database tables.

Publisher: ORCID
ORCID's website and services enable researchers to look up authors and their bibliographic output using a nonproprietary alphanumeric code that uniquely identifies authors and contributors of scholarly communication.
Oxford Ebook
Publisher: Oxford University Press
It includes over 1,000 electronic handbooks from across different subject areas like Criminology & Criminal Justice, Political Science and Law.
Oxford University Journals
Publisher: Oxford Academics
It is a hub that provides access to full-text articles from around 206 journals from 1996 onwards on various disciplines like Social Science, Humanities, Law, Economics, etc. It also covers 15 fully open-access journals.
Paris Review
Publisher: The Paris Review
It is a quarterly literary magazine based in New York City, founded in 1953. It is popular for its commitment to publishing high-quality fiction, poetry, essays, and interviews with prominent writers and artists from around the world.
Pearson Ebook
Publisher: Pearson
It is an ebook platform that provides access to electronic books mainly on the discipline of Economics, Management, Psychology and Social Science.
Publisher: PressReader Inc
An aggregator platform that offers access to thousands of magazines and newspapers from around the world.
Publisher: Thomson Reuters
It is an ebook platform of Thomson Reuters and mainly covers Legal, Accounting, Human resources, and Tax professions disciplines.
Publish or Perish
Publisher: Harzing
Software program that retrieves and analyzes academic citations.
Publisher: SAGE
It is an online e-book platform that provides access to books in electronic format on multi-disciplines like Business & Management, Counseling & Psychotherapy, Criminology & Criminal Justice, Education, Geography, Earth & Environmental Science, Health & Social Care, Media, Communication & Cultural Studies, Politics & International Relations and Psychology.
Sage Journals: Communication and Media Studies
Publisher: SAGE
Contains 54 journals related to journalism.
Also, have subscriptions to 9 individual journals on the SAGE portal.
(China Report), (Contribution to Indian Sociology), (India Quarterly), (Indian Economic & Social History Review), (Indian Journal of Gender Studies), (International Review of Victimology), (International Studies), (Psychology and Developing Societies) and (Studies in History)
SCC Online
Publisher: Eastern Book Company
It is a legal research database which has indexed primary and secondary information sources on Indian Law.
Publisher: Elsevier
 Largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature: scientific journals, books and conference proceedings.
SmartPLS 3
Publisher: SmartPLS
SmartPLS is a graphical user interface software for variance-based structural equation modelling (SEM) that employs the partial least squares (PLS) path modelling method. 

Publisher: IBM
Software program used by researchers in various disciplines for quantitative analysis of complex data.
Stata 17
Publisher: StataCorp LLC
Stata is a robust statistical software that enables users to analyse, manage, and produce graphical visualisations of data. It is primarily used to study data trends by researchers in economics, health, and political science. 
Survey Monkey
Publisher: Momentive Inc.
Survey Monkey allows you to create surveys, quizzes, and polls for any demographic. You can collect feedback, analyse and export your results automatically, or integrate your data with your favourite apps.

Publisher: Taxsutra
It is a legal database that covers almost every aspect of tax law with specialized contents like Direct Tax, Indirect Tax, GST, Transfer Pricing etc
Taylor and Francis
Publisher: Routledge
Taylor and Francis is one of the world's leading academic publishers that provides highly cited Open and Close access multidisciplinary scholarly content to the world. Global library has taken subscriptions to specific journals related to the course teachings.
Times Literary Supplement
Publisher: News UK
It is a weekly literary review. The TLS reviews and critiques work of literature, history, biography, science, and other subjects, including works in translation. It is known for its high standard of criticism. In addition to reviews, the TLS features essays, poetry, and other literary content. It also publishes occasional themed issues and special features on particular topics or authors
Publisher: Turnitin, LLC.
Web-based tool for 'text-matching' - identifying documents having similar texts.
Publisher: V-Dem Institute
Varieties of Democracy is a research project that measures and analyzes different dimensions of democracy around the world. The V-Dem dataset contains over 350 indicators covering seven main categories, including electoral processes, civil liberties, the rule of law, and the functioning of government institutions. 
Veed Pro
Publisher: Veed
Online video suite for professionals. Record, edit and stream your videos in the cloud.
Wal Street Journal
Publisher: Dow Jones & Company
It is an international daily newspaper based in New York City which provides information on Business, Trade Markets, Stock Exchanges, Finance and Economics. 
Westlaw Asia
Publisher: Thomson Reuters
Consisting of both primary and secondary resources, Westlaw Asia contains legal information on Asian countries of which, UK and US materials are also included. Westlaw provides Cases, Legislation, judgements, Orders, and legal journals acting as an impactful legal source.
Whisper AI
Publisher: Open AI
 A cutting-edge, open-source automatic speech recognition (ASR) system providing high-quality transcripts with proper capitalization and punctuation.
World Trade Online
Publisher: Inside Washington Publishers
It is an online news service for subscribers to Inside U.S. Trade that covers the latest trade news and developments. It provides electronic access of Inside U.S. Trade newspaper. 
Publisher: Corporation for Digital Scholarship
A free and open-source reference management software to manage bibliographic data and related research materials, such as PDF files.