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Are you interested to know about the women’s history in India via posters, photographs, personal papers, recorded speeches? We will suggest you go through this Sound & Picture Archives of Research on Women (SPARROW). You may find it more interesting.

Sound and Picture Archives for Research on Women or SPARROW is an archive of Indian women's history located in Dahisar, Mumbai. The archive contains print, visual, photographic and film materials related to women's history in India. The archive, which was founded in 1988 by Tamil feminist writer C. S. Lakshmi, is the largest archive of women's history in India.
The archive collects oral history, personal papers, recorded speeches, photographers, posters, songs, art work etc. It also makes documentary films on women who have been agents of change in different fields.
  • 19309 Photographs
  • 7561 Advertisement & Media slides
  • 1275 Documentaries on women and by women in 7 languages & Popular Films in 11 languages
  • 6458 Books in 12 languages
  • 5154 Journal articles in 8 languages
  • 932 Music audio-cassettes/CDs
  • 684 Oral history recordings
  • 26 films SPARROW Production
  • 32187 Newspaper clippings in 8 languages
  • 2078 Brochures in 9 languages
  • 6101 Print visuals
  • 3711 Newspaper cartoons
  • 1772 Posters
  • 130 Calendars
  • 8000 Cartoons by Maya Kamath
  • 280 Private papers
  • 6 Video Recorded Conversations with artistes and activists in the Silver Jubilee Year
The SPARROW material can be accessed by research scholars, students and anyone interested in women’s history. Kindly fill the requisition form according to your requirements and send it to SPARROW by e-mail at
Women’s history.
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