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Are you interested to know about the history of Indian Labour, including a large number of interviews of workers and labour activists and documents of labour movement in the informal sector? We will suggest you go through this Archives of Indian Labour. You may find it more interesting.

The Archives of Indian Labour was set up in July, 1998 as a collaborative project of the V.V. Giri National Labour Institute and the Association of Indian Labour Historians. The Archives was instituted in order to address the urgent need for preservation of rapidly decaying documents and material on labour and to provide for greater public access to these. Documents related to the labour movement (generated by workers' organisations, state and business enterprises) are preserved at the archives, in addition to personal narratives, memoirs, video and audio material. The archives combine this effort with an effective public dissemination system of which the offline and on-line access to the digital archives is a major component. Seminars, working papers, film shows, and publications ensure effective ways of disseminating information generated by the archives and other research programmes. The core activities of the archives are, thus:
  • Digital Archiving
  • Research and Collection
  • Public Interface and Dissemination

AIL collections include records and reports of all the Commissions of Labour from 1931 till 1991 (including the complete collection on the First National Commission on Labour, 1969); records and publications of central trade unions such as AITUC, BMS, CITU and INTUC; records and reports on the unorganized sector labour movement in regional centres. A large number of interviews of workers and labour activists and documents of labour movement in the informal sector can also be accessed.
A complete list of the collections available with the Archive is below:
  1. Bombay Textile Strike of 1982 
  2. The Unorganised Workers of Delhi and the Seven-Day Strike of 1988 
  3. Directory of Sources on Labour History: Delhi Region 
  4. Collection & Inventory of Records on All India Railwaymens’ Federation 1955-85 
  5. Organisation, Collection & Documentation of AITUC Records (1937-1985) 
  6. Oral History Documentation of Indian Labour Movement Phase-I
  7. Documentation of Industrial and Dependent Labour Lives in Delhi: An Oral History Approach 
  8. Documenting the Source Material on Labour History of Tamil Nadu from the holdings at Roja Muthiah Research Library, Chennai 
  9. Collection and Documentation of Sources of Labour History in Tamil Nadu Phase-I 
  10. Trade union Movement in Film Industry of South India 
  11. Collection and Documentation of Sources of Labour History in Tamil Nadu Phase-II 
  12. Oral History Documentation of Indian Labour Movement Phase-II 
  13. Struggle for Justice: Chattisgarh Mukti Morcha
  14. The Informalisation process: Casualisation & Paupersation of the Weavers of Banaras
  15. Oral History Documentation on Railway Workers 
  16. History of Industrial Relations in Textile Sector in India 
  17. Organisation of Source Material and Construction of Digital Collection on SEWA
  18. Collection of Documentary sources of Labour History in Tamilnadu Phase –III 
  19. Oral History Documentation of Indian Labour Movement Phase – III 
  20. Documentation of the History of Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh
  21. Research and Collection of Documents on Interaction of Caste Movement and Working Class during 1920 to 1945 in Maharashtra 
  22. Present and past of the community- based garment industry in 24 Paraganas (south) of West Bengal
  23. Study and Collection of Documents of the National Campaign of Construction Workers for a Central Legislation form 1985
  24. From Leather Artisans to Brick-Kiln Workers: Narratives of Weary Travellers
  25. Collection of History of Coal Workers with special emphasis on Impact of Outsourcing 
  26. Documentation and Collection of Records/ Materials of Bharatiya Khet Mazdoor Union (BKMU), states/local khet mazdoor organisations and agricultural labour movement in general 
  27. Organisation of Source Material and Construction of Digital Collection of BIDI Workers of Ahmedabad City 
  28. Making of labour law and collective bargaining traditions: Kamani Employees Union and the independent trade union movement in Mumbai 
  29. Labour in the Indian Textile & Apparel Industry: Understanding the Impact of Government Policies 
  30. Textile Labour History of Indore Town 
  31. Bhojpuri Pravasi Shramikon ki Sansakrati Aur Bhikhari Thakur ka Sahitya
  32. Accidents and Work: The Everyday Lives at Jharia Coalfield and Oral History Documents 
  33. Contested Streets-Mapping Street Vending in Delhi 
  34. Documents of the Records and Materials of Bharatiya Khet Mazdoor Union (BKMU), State and Local Khet Mazdoor Organizations, and of the Agricultural Labourers’ Movement-Phase II (Pre- and Post-Independence Period) 
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