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ProwessIQ is accessed through a software installed on a local computer running Microsoft Windows OS. 

Download -  ProwessIQ v3.0 (Click the link to download the software)

Minimum requirements :
  • Hard disk space - 150 MB
  • Windows OS version - 7 or above
Database of Active Business Entities
What is Prowess IQ
Prowess is a financial database of Indian companies. Annual Reports of companies are the most crucial source of this database. For listed companies, the Prowess database contains additional data sourced from the stock exchanges. ProwessIQ provides time-series data beginning 1989-90. The database is updated on a continuous basis.
  • Prowess is a database of active business entities which means they are not restricted to only registered companies. cover other forms of business entities as well.
  • ProwessIQ is accessed through software installed on a local Microsoft Windows operating computer. This is a Windows executable developed by C.M.I.E. especially to access the Prowess database.
  • ProwessIQ Reports are tabulations designed to enable a detailed assessment of a company's financial performance. The tabulations enable comparison over time and provide a detailed break-up of the indicators.