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Are you interested to know about the history of Guardian News & Media Archive (GNM Archive)? We suggest you go through this GNM Archive. You may find it more interesting.

The Guardian News & Media archive preserves and promotes the histories and values of the Guardian and the Observer newspapers. It collects and makes accessible material that provides an accurate and comprehensive history of the papers, including 

The archive forms part of the Guardian Foundation.

The archive holds official records of the Guardian and the Observer and also seeks to acquire material from people who have been associated with the papers. As well as corporate records the archive therefore holds correspondence, diaries, notebooks, original cartoons and photographs created by people who have worked for either paper.

1.Corporate archive collections

Corporate records of the Guardian newspaper, mainly 1967 onwards. Includes records of Guardian Newspapers Ltd and Guardian News & Media Ltd.

2. Personal archive collections 
This collections of personal archives of staff and others associated with the papers. Select a link below to see full lists of our archive collections of journalists, illustrators and photographers.

3. Top ten Guardian archive teaching resources

4. Collections of Les Gibbard and the Falklands war
The GNM Archive has recently catalogued a series of cartoons by former Guardian political cartoonist Les Gibbard. The cartoons come from a period during Margaret Thatcher’s premiership and relate to The Falklands war.

5. Digital newspaper archive

Researchers and academics who wish to consult our records can contact us vai email

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