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Are you interested to know about the Manuscripts, Rare Books, Personal Collection of eminent Indian Scholars?  We will suggest you go through this IGNCA Archive. You may find it more interesting

Kala Nidhi is a repository of research and reference material in Humanities and the Arts. It has built a massive collection of source material, encapsulating the entire spectrum of textual, visual and auditory data. Within the Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts(IGNCA), Kala Nidhi provides information support service for textual research undertaken by Kala Kosha; contextual research on life-style studies done by JanapadaSampada and dissemination of resultant outputs through Kala Darshana and Cultural Informatics Laboratory. 

Reference Library in Kala Nidhi has a rich collection of source material in Archaeology, Anthropology, Art History, Aesthetics, Crafts, Ethnology, History, Linguistics, Literary studies, Religion and Sociology. The collection consists of Printed books (1, 75,000 including 3000 rare books from the 18th and 19th Century), Journals, Slides, Microfilms, Microfiche, Manuscripts, Photographs and Audio- Video materials. 
(A) The Cultural Archives: 
 Kala Nidhi’s Cultural Archives has collected, preserved, classified and disseminated several rare, original and secondary material on the Arts and Culture. It acquires collections under the following six areas and houses them in the six sub-sections of the Archives under the following categorizations.
  1. Sahitya (Literature)
  2. VastuSilpa (Architecture & Sculptures)
  3. Chaya Pata (Photographs)
  4. Sangita (Music)
  5. Other Collection
  6. Collections of Other Divisions (Ethnographic Collection)
(B) Audio Visual Library
 The Cultural Archives also house nearly 2,000 video tapes and 1,500 audio recordings in the form of tapes and spools of the various audio-visual documentation done by IGNCA. The archives also maintain films on research projects taken up by the various divisions of IGNCA. Some of these films such as YelhouTagoi by Shri AribmShyam Sharma and Wangala of the Garos by Shri Bappa Ray have won National Film Awards.
Amongst others, these include audio cassettes of R.C. Rangra, Rabindranath Tagore’s recordings, Raja Deena Dayal’s original photographs and plates, SambhuSaha, Sunil Janah and Henri Cartier Bresson’s photographs, Lance Dane’s collection of sculptures, D.R.D. Wadia collection of photographs, Elizabeth and Elizabeth Sass Brunner’s paintings, rare maps of R.P. Mishra and musical instruments, puppets and masks from various parts of India and the world. 
  (C) The ABIA Project
 Kala Nidhi is associated with a project ABIA South and Southeast Asian Art & Archaeology Index. The purpose is to create an annotated bibliographic data base (the ABIA Index) for publishers, covering the subjects, – Pre and proto history, Historical archaeology, Ancient and modern art history, Material culture, Epigraphy and Numismatics. The database is freely accessible on line at Three volumes have been published, containing more than 4000 annotated and key word- indexed references. (D) Personal Collection
Kala Nidhi Reference Library is fortunate to have received personal collections of some of the most eminent Indian scholars and artists. Collections of ten such personalities like: Prof.Suniti Kumar Chatterji, Hazari Prasad Dwivedi, Thakur Jaideva Singh, Prof.MaheswarNeog, Krishna Kripalani, Dr V.K. Narayana Menon, NasliHeeramaneck, Lance Dane, Dev Murarka, Prof. Vinod Sena, Dr.KapilaVatsyayanhave, Shri Munish Chandra Joshi already been gifted to the library, either by themselves or their family members. 

(E) Manuscript Collection in Microfilm / Microfische

It is estimated that India possesses more than five million manuscripts, making her the largest repository of manuscript wealth in the world. Though our ancestors had tried to preserve these manuscripts, thousands of such valued unpublished Indian manuscripts on varied subjects are scattered across Indian and foreign collections, making them inaccessible to scholars.
Reprography Unit has microfilmed over 2.78 lakh manuscripts in 21722 microfilm rolls. 
Scholars and researchers can access this microfilm/microfiche collection at the Kala Nidhi Reprography Unit. They can also obtain copies, subject to copyright restrictions and the conditions spelt out in the MOUs.

Catalogue of Manuscripts available in IGNCA

(F) Slides Collection and other Visual Resources
The slide unit of the Kala Nidhi Reference Library has been in existence since 1989 and over the years it has acquired and generated over one lakh carefully selected slides from 17 centres in India and 16 centres abroad. The growth rate of the collection is approx. 3,000 slides per year. In addition to slides, there are more than 2270 photo-negatives on Himachal Pradesh (Land and people), monuments of Sri Lanka and museums in Jammu & Kashmir.

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All the Cultural Information & Knowledge resources available at IGNCA can be accessed by any individual, Indian or foreign. Membership is open to all with special facilities for scholars and researchers on payment of a nominal fee. Kindly follow the link for more details.

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