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Are you interested to know NASA history its people? We will suggest you go through this NASA Archive. You may find it more interesting

The NASA Archives preserves and provides access to materials relating to NASA’s history, organization, and institutional knowledge to promote understanding and exploration of NASA’s mission across time and space. The collections span the formation of the first NACA research centers, starting, through the creation of NASA, in 1958, into the present.

NASA Archives cover a wide range of subjects, such as the agency’s various programs, projects, personnel, administration, culture, and facilities, and include a range of formats, including documentation, audiovisual materials, newsletters and other serials, oral histories, biographical information, reports, plans, technical drawings, ephemera, artwork, websites, and other types of information that are valuable for preserving NASA’s history, knowledge, people, processes, and understanding.

At this time, collections at NASA Headquarters, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and Ames Research Center are publicly available. More collections will come online in the future.

Large collections of imagery, video, and audio recordings can be found in the NASA Image and Video Library, the Space Images site, andthe Planetary Photojournal.

The NASA STI Repository (also known as the NASA Technical Reports Server or NTRS) provides access to NASA metadata records, full-text online documents, images, and videos. The types of information included are conference papers, journal articles, meeting papers, patents, research reports, images, movies, and technical videos–scientific and technical information created or funded by NASA.
A large, online library of 

NASA history books and other historical publications is freely available on NASA’s History Program site.
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