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Are you interested to know UNESCO history? We will suggest you go through this UNESCO Archives Online. You may find it more interesting.

Established in 1947, the UNESCO Archives are a rich source of evidence in diverse formats reflecting UNESCO’s activities and programs since 1946, and those of its predecessor bodies since 1925. Archives staff are responsible for managing, preserving, and providing access to the records of the organization.

UNESCO’s archives contain countless treasures and evidence of ideas and actions for peace, international understanding, and multilateral cooperation. They reflect UNESCO’s wide-ranging work and mission from its earliest years, including the archives of its predecessor, the League of Nations’ International Institute for Intellectual Cooperation, part of the UNESCO Memory of the World register since 2017.
UNESCO’s archives digitized a portion of the Organization's archives. The project is an important step in preserving the record of our actions and stories and making UNESCO's archives accessible to the public. The digitized records are:

1. International Institute of Intellectual Co-operation (IICI)

2. Documents – 560,000 pages digitized related to UNESCO history series, UNESCO Global Reports, Governing Bodies, Director-General messages and speeches etc.

3. Multimedia Video & Sound Collections - The collections offer a great variety of content, such documentaries, docufictions, interviews, radio programmes, video reports or instructional materials, to mention some of them. 

4. Photographs - The photographic archives span the period from the foundation of UNESCO until 2000 and contain photographic material of UNESCO programmes, activities, and events (conferences, meetings, Director General visits).  
Researchers and academics who wish to consult our records can contact us vai email archives@unesco.org.

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