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Are you interested to know about the women’s movement in India via posters, paintings and interviews? We will suggest you go through this Zubaan Poster Archive. You may find it more interesting.

'Zubaan’ is a Hindustani word meaning tongue, voice or language. It is often used in a pejorative sense to refer to ‘women’s talk’, or ‘gossip’ – generally for women who talk too much!
In 2006 Zubaan began a new and fascinating project: Poster Women, a visual mapping of the women’s movement in India through the posters the movement had produced. The idea was to ask what the history of the movement would look like through its posters and the visual images it had used, the various campaigns that the movement has engaged with and the forms these campaigns have taken over a period of time.
Zubaan collected over 1500 posters and various paintings from women’s groups all over the country, each representative of a different issue and perspective
One of the key motivations behind our undertaking the Poster Women project was to document the history of the women’s movement in India, and as we prepared to put the digital archive on the net, we realized that any recording of history is incomplete without the histories of the people involved in it. Therefore, in order to supplement and enrich the information provided in the posters, we decided to do two things:

Many women activists and academicians to write about their involvement in and visual memories of the women’s movement. A brief account of their lives – personal, informal, varied – have been documented here.

Click here for a list of memories

Feminist activists who have been part of the women’s movement for many years to interview their colleagues and comrades to tell their individual stories, things that they don’t tell because all too often they are not asked, and through their lives to trace a history of women’s activism.

Click here for a list of interviews

Painting Our World: - Women’s Messages through Art is a travelling exhibition organised as part of the second phase of the Poster Women project.

Click here to view the painting our world collection

The archive will serve not only women’s groups, feminist activists and other involved with the women’s movement in India, but will also be useful for students and researchers in the field of women’s studies, visual culture, arts and aesthetics and anyone who loves posters!
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